Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crazy As Sisters… CraziAsSity

Let’s get crazy and start a blog!?

Far far away in Bree grew up 2 Flemish sisters who always wanted to do something non-typical-VAESEN-like! So at the age of 18 they both decided to do some ‘Brain Pickings’ and ‘Mental Flossing’ at the VUB Brussel.

And as the time passed by through the heavy lifting of studies, work, afterwork, travel … it were the FFF’s (Foreign/Flemish Friends, Fans, Fun Facts, Flagey Flat, Family, Faith, …)  who fizzled us and encouraged to keep up with the V-tradition and do something CraziAsSity!?
HOORAY!!! The sisterhood is now sugared and cubed!